Silamie Apolistar-Gutang (a.k.a Seannah Swift) is a force to be reckoned with in the world of athletics. As a member of the Philippine National Team for Obstacle Course Racing, she has proven herself to be a fierce competitor with an unbreakable spirit. But her talents don’t stop there. She is also a road and trail runner, ultramarathoner, and fitness coach, with a long list of certifications that testify to her expertise in the field.

As a coach, Silamie is dedicated to helping individuals of all ability levels achieve their fitness goals. She is especially passionate about mentoring young adults with special needs, a testament to her caring and compassionate nature. Her numerous coaching positions have allowed her to share her knowledge and inspire others to push themselves to new heights.

But it is on the race course where Silamie truly shines. Her impressive list of achievements includes setting a Guinness World Record for the World Highest OCR in East Africa in 2021, as well as a World Record for the OCR 800m in the same year. She has also earned a silver medal in the Spartan Race Southeast Asia Regional Series, and placed 20th in the Spartan World Championship in Dubai. Her victories in the 41st National Milo Marathon Laoag, as well as the Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon 100K and the Bataan Death March 102K and 160K, are testament to her incredible endurance and unwavering determination.

Beyond her impressive athletic achievements,

Silamie is also a certified coach with numerous accolades to her name.

From the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy to the ISCI Speed and Conditioning Coach, she has sought out the best training and education available to hone her skills. Her passion for fitness extends to her qualifications in nutrition and metabolism conditioning, allowing her to provide a holistic approach to coaching.

Silamie Apolistar-Gutang (Seannah Swift)

A Profile of Athletic Excellence


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Silamie Apolistar-Gutang is more than just an athlete. She is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and hard work.

Her unwavering commitment to excellence inspires those around her to strive for greatness, and her compassion and care for those with special needs make her a role model for all. As an ambassador for VJ shoes, she embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence and grit.