In a world fueled by fierce competition and relentless determination, a dazzling beacon of athleticism rises – Marites Nocyao, an elite trail runner and obstacle course competitor who has harnessed the power of VJ shoes to conquer the toughest terrain.

As a proud VJ Shoes Brand Ambassador, Marites is a living testament to the unparalleled performance and agility that these exceptional shoes provide, empowering her to reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Marites’ journey took flight in 2018, when she boldly stepped into the trail running and obstacle course arenas with a Spartan Race. Fueled by her innate competitive spirit and supported by the camaraderie of the obstacle course racing (OCR) community and dedicated coaches, Marites swiftly ascended to the POSF National Team’s development pool and ultimately earned a place on the National Team in 2020.

Since then, she has graced the global stage, competing at two World Championships in 2021 and 2022, securing the runner-up title in the 2022 Asian Regional Championships, and reigning as the 5km Sprint Series Champion. Most recently,

Marites added the prestigious Gold Medal from the SEA Games in Cambodia to her ever-growing collection of accolades.

With her sights set on the horizon and her VJ shoes as her steadfast companions, Marites Nocyao remains unwavering in her pursuit of excellence. With two more World Championships, as well as domestic and regional competitions on her radar for 2023, she continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility while inspiring others to chase their dreams and conquer the trails that lie ahea

Marites Nocyao

A Trailblazer empowered by VJ Shoes

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As an elite athlete excelling in both trail running and obstacle course racing, Marites relies on the superior grip, comfort, and durability of VJ shoes to elevate her performance to new heights.

VJ’s bold promise of #thebestgripontheplanet comes to life as Marites effortlessly navigates treacherous grounds with poise and precision, pushing beyond her limits as the steadfast grip of her VJ shoes carries her towards victory.